Commercial fencing Southwest County


A great fence can enhance the curb appeal of your house while a wrong choice can ruin it. Function, looks, safety and material used are all very important when it comes to choosing the right fence for your yard. The best fence company in Southwest County, McGil Fences, helps you understand the difference between getting fences made out of different materials.


Wood fences give a classic look to your property. They look beautiful look, are easy to install and customize. Most wood fences can be painted to match the look of your home and that makes them very popular. Since wood is an organic material, it needs to be maintained well and repainted over time. This can prove expensive and a hassle for many people. One of the best fence companies in Lee County, McGil Fences offers you a wide range of fencing options to choose from.


Vinyl fencing looks elite yet it is low cost. That makes it a win-win choice, except the fact that it is not customizable but you can choose from different colors. A vinyl fence will last much longer than wood fencing and requires much less maintenance. Best Fence Company in Southwest County, McGil Fences, can install great fences in affordable prices.

Chain Link

Chain Link fencing is durable and high on security. Chain link fences are pretty affordable too. The only problem is difficulty in installation and they do not offer the privacy of wood or vinyl fencing options.


Aluminum fencing is durable and customizable. Aluminum is a little expensive but may prove cost effective in the long-term.

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